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You can view all available boats and destinations on our website. Otherwise, you can always request a personalized quote indicating boat type, charter start and end dates, navigation area or port of departure, number of guests and skipper if needed.


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Advice on navigation areas, Boats details, management of whole phase of the booking. If you like, you can contact us anytime for requests, assistance, and tips.

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Worldwide and Italy boat charter, You can choose a boat for from our wide range of over 10000 units available in real-time and with special discounts. You can contact us directly for anything you need and we will send you a personalized quote.

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You can choose the best boats available in more than 7,000 ports all over the world. Explore the most popular destinations or send us a request for a free personalized quote or to get advice on the most appropriate base.

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You can choose your preferred boat all over the world, exploring destinations and the geo-reference map. For any suggestions on areas, best time for sailing and any other tips, you can contact us to get personalized advice.

Most Popular Destinations

 373 Boats Available

North Sardinia (Sardinia)

Yacht charter North Sardinia Catamaran Charter North Sardinia Rent a sailing or motor boat departing from Northern Sardinia, and sail Sardinia freely. Choose the model, the date and proceed with the boat rental without or with skipper, motor yacht and catamarans. Sardinia in all its circumnavigation offers interesting sailing areas, but Northern Sardinia, including the area called Costa Smeralda, the major islands, and southern Corsica, with the smaller islands, represents the so-called "Sailor's Paradise": An archipelago of islands, islets, spas, shelters, excellent seabed, breeze wind decided during the day for sailing, excellent local hospitality; North Sardinia is an indispensable destination for the sailor, the navigator, the sailor, and the pleasure boater, and it is also a destination to be repeated several times, being the area large and receptive from every point of view. The sea is typically turquoise, thanks to the white sands and the seabed with the right draft, and it is for this reason that the areas of Northern Sardinia are also called "The Caribbean of Italy".

The preferred departure bases are the ports in the area, the main ones of which are: Cala dei Sardi, near Olbia, in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, Marina di Portisco, Olbia itself, for some boats, and Cannigione. In the area there are many other ports where you can stop during your navigation.

Charteritaly recommends a stop on the island of Maddalena, a typical and hospitable center, in the heart of the archipelago, and a stop in the Cala G. Marino bay, an amazing bay inside a area between the 3 islands Razzoli, Budelli and Santa Maria. A daytime bath and anchorage in the well-known Cala Corsara, on the island of Spargi, and a visit to Lavezzi, paying attention to the seabed, some with limited draft.

 364 Boats Available

Aeolian (Sicily)

The Aeolian archipelago is located in the north of Sicily, and is composed of 7 islands, all characterized by a distinct personality but with a single indistinguishable origin: the typically volcanic one that makes them in different forms, all conical, and with often rapidly degrading backdrops and deep.

Lipari, the island with the greatest extent and geographic centrality, represents the fulcrum of the archipelago; restaurants, shops, clubs, very vital during the evening, and very receptive both as a sparse and as a port. Salina, in the immediate vicinity, offers an accessible port and the famous Pollara harbor (where the well-known film by Massimo Troisi "The postman" was filmed). The closest to the Sicilian coast is Vulcano, which takes its name from the homonymous Vulcano which hosts (can be visited), and which offers the possibility of taking a bath in the thermal waters that directly overlook one of the island's beaches.

Vulcano also has a private marina for pleasure crafts. Panarea, the most VIP island, small and hospitable, with nearby Basiluzzo, and the Lisca Bianca and Lisca Nera rocks

Stromboli, with the always active Volcano, 900 meters high (visitable with a guide) called "IDDU ", and with its unmistakable black beaches.

The more remote Filicudi and Alicudi, the first with a double slope, both tourist-attractive, and the wilder and almost uninhabited Alicudi, perfectly conical and less receptive for the very deep and steep backdrops.

From the climatic point of view, the Aeolian Islands are the islands that offer the highest temperatures, on average, and generally good weather conditions, in the months from April to October, for a decidedly large seasonal period; The hospitality of the Aeolian people, combined with its climatic characteristics and geographical position, make them very attractive for pleasure boating, even in the months that are not purely summer.

Yacht and Catamaran charter Aeolian Islands
Rent a sailing or motor boat to Eolie Islands, and sail the Eolie islands freely. Choose the model, the date and proceed with the boat rental without or with skipper, motor yacht and catamarans.
 184 Boats Available

Campania (Naples, Capri, Ischia, Amalfi)

Campania, the Italian region home to the most famous city in the world, Naples, but where there are also the bases of Procida, in the Phlegraean islands, and Salerno and other smaller and very comfortable bases. Boat charter in Campania The Campania coast, starting from the great Gulf of Naples, from Punta Campanella to Capo Miseno, passing through Marechiaro, Mergellina, Posillipo, and going down to Sorrento and the entire Amalfi Coast, up to the city of Salerno, passing through Amalfi, Positano, Maiori and Minori. A coast that will surprise you for the wide spectrum of points of interest that it offers in sea navigation, and in land descents. Boat charter in Ischia You will be surprised in visiting the Flegrean islands: Ischia, the largest, with several bays and possible landings in the different ports of Ischia center, Ischia ponte, Forio, the most Vip Sant'Angelo, with its characteristic islet and the language of sand from the two beaches. You can visit the majestic Aragonese Castle, rich in history and perfectly intact, and take a bath in one of the many spas on the island. Boat charter in Capri Capri, the most exclusive island, with its unsurpassed orography, with the town of Capri cradled among the first hills, and its typical funicular that makes it accessible from Marina Grande. Anacapri, the second capri on the opposite side, and the visit to the lighthouse. Boat charter in Procida Procida, the island closest to the Campania coast, with its colorful houses, the Castle, and the typical port of Corricella. Procida will also be a starting point for the yachtsman with a new very large Marina that hosts several Charter Companies, whose boats are offered by our platform in real time. Boat charter in Amalfi coast You can explore the whole coast south of the Gulf, from Sorrentoto Salerno, passing through the millenary Amalfi, the characteristic Positano, with an exceptional sea view, Vietri, Minor, Maiori, Cetara with its Norman towers, until you land in the port. and in the city of Salerno, with its very interesting historic center. Boat charter in Salerno In Salerno there are two very good ports as a starting point for the exploration of the Amalfi coast: Salerno center and the marina d'Arechi, a few kilometers from the city, with many berths and services. Discover the boats for charter in Campania
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