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Home » Inspiration » The Sea the new cupid of 2023

The Sea the new cupid of 2023


Today we're talking about Valentine's Day, the day of lovers, and tomorrow it will be singles day. But from what I have personally seen, boating feeds both: It unites the hearts of those who have the seed of wanting to meet, it unites those who already love each other, and it creates the most favorable conditions for those who, even as friends, want to have fun with other lovers of the sea.

I have been sailing for more than twenty years, and I have seen how many hearts meet on the boat in the most diverse forms: it is no coincidence that this happens on a bridge while watching a sunset: who is not thrilled in front of such a disarming spectacle of nature?

All winter we are closed within the walls of open office spaces, often with gray skies and a thousand work emails. To do our duty and bring home our goals.

And at a certain point that moment arrives, in which you take the flight, or the car, and reach the longed-for destination: it all begins with a port, the liberation of knowing that you have a week of vacation ahead of you, without plans, without commitments, and leave on board with your friends or you will meet friends you have never met before, who are there like you for the same passion.

After having passed the gangway, it already seems to you that you are in another world, that you have left behind your usual thoughts and life: you leave the port, you set sail, and anchor after anchorage slowly you realize the sound of the sea, the silence of the sea, of seagulls praying for your molluscs at the stern, of a dawn that you certainly couldn't see in the city. Of a dip whenever you want at any time of the day. And at the end of each day, which seems endless but also very fast, a sunset, that ball of fire that still thrills you when you see it land on the sea line.

How many hearts have I seen opening up to the bow, in all those people who previously only had a name, and now I see as beautiful and joyful people.

Through it all, I've seen souls ignite, yes, and others meet for life. Over time I have also seen them build a family, and I always remember that, although I was only the landlord, I also felt a little unwilling and without real merit, the greedy of their meeting.

But the real cupid is actually the sea, which seen from the sea is something else altogether.

But the party at sea certainly does not end with those who fell in love on the boat, no: I saw many, many friends who met there, and still see each other. Because not only love, but also a friend is forever, especially if you met him sailing toghether.

Long live the sea, long live love, long live sailing!