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Boat charter prices and offers


What is the price for charter a sailboat, and for a catamaran?

Let's dispel the myth that charter a sailboat or a catamaran has high prices! Indeed, it costs much less than you might think, and it is a wonderful experience within everyone's reach and for all budgets. Most people believe that a sailing holiday is too expensive and not suitable for their budget, but this is absolutely not the case, you can find a boat to charter even for a few hundred euros per person.
Through the Charteritaly portal, the Boat Vacation becomes within everyone's reach, whether it is a group of friends, a family, or anyone who has the pleasure of spending moments of fun and relaxation on board a boat, in close contact with the sea and nature.

Boat charter prices

The rates you see on the Charteritaly platform show the price to charter a boat for a week (generally from Saturday to Saturday); the sum indicated refers to the charter of the entire boat but if you want you can divide it by the number of participants in your group, up to the capacity of the available beds. Do you need an example of our charter prices? If we consider a Boat in Sardinia which has 3 cabins, for a week in Sardinia, it costs less than 2000 Euros in June; including the mandatory accessories, divided by 6, you have a cost of less than € 400 per person, without skipper. In some country abroad, where there is a wonderful sea, you can find even cheaper offers, such as in Croatia: in some months in mid-season, charter a boat for you and your family can cost as little as 800/1200 Euros for the whole week! If, on the other hand, you want a large and crewed boat, you can have exceptional service and total comfort, for a different budget.

Early booking

In certain periods of the year, if you book in advance, you can take advantage of the early booking discount (early booking) and save a lot; you just have to plan the Vacation a few months before the departure date. Furthermore, if you organize your holiday in advance, you can choose the best boat at the lowest price, as most of the boats are available and some offers on the platform are very advantageous. Last minute booking, however, even if with less choice, you can take advantage of the remaining boats available associated with a last minute discount. In these two cases, if you enjoy a discount, the ideal rate "per person" becomes even more advantageous. Do you not have a boat license or do you feel unable to manage the management of a boat independently? No problem: you can charter a boat with a skipper, which usually costs around € 150/180 per day and divided by the participants is a very small expense. In most motor yachts, however, often the captain is already on board, sometimes even more than one crew member. So what are you waiting for? Organize your dream vacation with the budget you want with Charteritaly: Sailboat, Catamaran, or Motor Yacht.